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Monko’s Flower to the People initiative is a comprehensive program aimed at promoting the legalization, social equity, and restorative justice within the cannabis industry. Flower To The People focuses on three key pillars. Firstly, it advocates for the legalization of cannabis, recognizing its potential medical benefits and the need to end the disproportionate criminalization of marginalized communities. Secondly, the initiative emphasizes social equity, striving to ensure that individuals from communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition have equal opportunities to participate in and benefit from the legal cannabis industry. Lastly, Flower To The People prioritizes restorative justice, working to address the past harms caused by the War on Drugs and supporting programs that help individuals with cannabis-related convictions reintegrate into society. Through this multifaceted approach, Monko aims to create a more inclusive, equitable, and just cannabis industry that benefits all members of society.

Wanna get involved? Email [email protected].

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Damian was knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. The shop was very clean, well organized and welcoming. The staff was amazing. I would highly recommend to friends and Family. I will return to MONKO.

Erica B.

Talk about first impressions! This is what a modern dispensary should look like. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. All my silly questions were answered by Lynette like I was talking to an old friend.

Learie H.

I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Everyone I interacted with was kind and helpful, recognizing that it was my first time visiting. Raquel was very knowledgeable and answered my questions.

Kayla B.

It’s not just a store it’s a vibe. Erica did a great job of giving me background about there products. She helped me find exactly what I was looking for for a great experience.

Friday M.

Visited from outta town and was referred to Monko by a stranger and was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism. Aysha greeted us with a smile and was haiku to assist us in making the right choice of flower and gummies.

Lacey B.

Monko was such a great experience, from the moment you walk in everything was personalized and the concept was amazing. Product is top notch and they also have a really good clothing line too.

Jon R.

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